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Previous Expeditions
   Over the past three years, Amy has gone on to undertake three major self-supported expeditions. These expeditions have taken her to 3 continents and 5 countries, accounting for over 17000 km's of human powered travel.
In 2014, she started her series of adventures by exploring Canada. Starting in Vancouver, BC, she worked her way east by bicycle, crossing mountains and prairies in order to reach the coast of St.John's, Newfoundland. The journey took over 3 months to complete, totaling a distance 7500 km. This trip had been the key in her ability to cope with her Anxiety and Depression.
Three years later, she continues to tackle adventures around the world, spending nearly three months at a time hiking, biking and kayaking her way across countries.
She has now completed two continental crossings; Including a world first across South America.


FALL 2017

            Niagara Falls to Tobermory

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